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"As men, we all have to lean on each other and work together to fight the stigma."

The journey to overcome depression can be challenging, but with belief in recovery, anything is possible.

Throughout February, we will be sharing stories and tips from men who have fought and recovered from the worst of their depression, to inspire other guys to reach out for support and start their own journeys to recovery.

With our collection of over 100 stories from guys who’ve been there, HeadsUpGuys is here to offer inspiration and practical advice for anyone struggling with depression. By sharing their experiences, these stories serve as a powerful tool to provide understanding, support, and encouragement to those in need.

We’ll also be posting daily doses of hope and practical advice on our social media throughout February, with powerful quotes that remind us recovery is not just a possibility, but a reality.

Quinn's Story

“Realize that this isn’t a paid script; I am a real person, who had real depression, and I can’t emphasize how much better it feels to escape that darkness.”

Quinn, a photographer and teacher, shares his experience confiding in a friend about depression and offers advice to other men.

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Man on motorcycle

Chris' Story

“I was forced to confront my own thoughts, my own fears, and my own demons. As scary as that sounds, it was the first time in my life I felt truly alive.”

Chris shares his story of coming to terms with his depression instead of ignoring it, and finding freedom through motorcycling.

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Photo of Nitai Sitting at a Restaurant

Nitai's Story

“The most important thing about this journey you’re going through is building a better relationship with yourself.”

Nitai shares how treating yourself like you’d treat a close friend can give you the tools you need to make recovery easier.

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Portrait Photo of Noah Battista

Noah's Story

“As men, we all have to lean on each other and work together to fight the stigma.”

Noah shares how focusing on the small victories and reaching out to friends and professionals helped him to manage depression.

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Photo of Ryan Schmidt Sitting in Front of a Wall of Flowers

Ryan's Story

“I found it so important to know that I was not alone in this struggle.”

Ryan shares how taking the time to work on himself and finding comfort in shared experiences helps him fight depression.

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Photo of Jeremie standing in a bathtub holding a piece of art, in front of a mountain backdrop

Jeremie's Story

“For me, depression is my body telling me that I am not living a life of purpose.”

Jeremie shares his story of running toward his fears rather than away from them, in order to pursue the things he really cares about.

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Men's Health Week takes place annually in mid-June, during the week preceding Father’s Day. The week is not just a campaign, but a call to action for men to take better care of their health and for communities to support men in this endeavour.

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