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health strategies for managing and preventing depression

sleep iconChange in Sleep

You find yourself sleeping too little or too much.

Energy iconFeeling tired and have no energy

You feel low on energy, even when you haven’t exerted yourself. This fatigue isn’t alleviated by rest or sleep.

Interest IconDecreased interest or pleasure

You lose interest in doing things you used to enjoy, such as going to movies, reading, shopping, cooking, playing with your children.

Recklass iconTake more risks than normal

You engage in escaping or risky behaviour, like dangerous sports, reckless driving, unsafe sex, drinking too much, abusing drugs, or compulsive gambling.

Therapists Near You

Therapists Near You
  • When it comes to depression, there is no substitute for seeking professional help – if you’re feeling depressed, connect with a therapist as soon as you can.

Roadmap to Recovery

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