Our Impact

Over 1,000,000 visits, 700,000 engagements, and 14 million people reached

*Video created by Pound & Grain (our branding and website developers), references stats from June 2015-June 2017.

Since launching during Men’s Health Week of June 2015, HeadsUpGuys has received a tremendous response. Men from all over the world have embraced our message of hope and strength in the fight against depression.

Our goal is to become the first resource men look to when facing depression, and the first resource friends and family members look to when concerned about a man they care about.

WebsiteOver 1,000,000 visits

VisitorsOver 100,000 Self Checks completed

ImpactOver 700,000 engagements

ImpactOver 14,000,000 people reached

Recovery StoriesOver 40 stories

Recovery StoriesFrom men around the world (Australia, Brunei, Canada, Sweden, UK, and US)

Social MediaOver 22,000 fans

Social MediaOver 19,000 fans on Facebook and 2,500 fans on Twitter

Media CoverageOver 70 media stories

Media CoverageHuffington Post (US, UK, and Canada), MSN News, BuzzFeed, The Telegraph, CBC Radio, The Mighty, Movember Radio, and The Vancouver Sun.

ReferralsRecognized as a valuable resource by over 60 health and related sites

Trusted Resource forMovember Canada and US, The University of British Columbia, Canadian Mental Health Association, Anxiety and Depression Association of America, The International Association for Suicide Prevention

VideosOver 75,000 views on YouTube

Interview and Promotion VideosIncluding 12 story videos from men who have overcome depression

Personal Impact"I've been hiding my depression for many years and finally decided to deal with it head-on. You guys have kickstarted my recovery."

"I have to thank you guys a great deal. With the help of this page and others I had enough courage to seek help for my depression."

HeadsUpGuys focuses on sharing personal experiences and stories in order to inspire men to reach out, build supports, and fight depression. Our honest and straight-up approach to talking about depression has resonated with men and their supporters around the world.

Our campaigns have been recognized and shared by many of our peers including: Bell Let’s Talk, To Write Love on Her Arms, Bring Change 2 Mind, The Canadian Mental Health Association, The Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention, The Anxiety and Depression Association of America, The Jed Foundation, The International Association for Suicide Prevention, and over a hundred other health and related sites.

Male Celebrities Speaking Out About Depression

Feb 2019: Highlighting 20 quotes from male celebrities who’ve fought depression.

Five Stories from Men Fighting Depression

Oct 2018: Featuring five stories of recovery and practical tips from real men.

World Suicide Prevention Day 2018

Sept 2018: Josh shares his story and why we need to talk about depression and suicide (especially in men).

Men’s Health Week 2018

June 2018: Fine art and concept photography campaign and proclamation of Men’s Mental Health Day.


Male Athletes Speaking Out About Depression

Oct 2017: Highlighting 22 quotes from male athletes who’ve fought depression.


Men’s Health Week 2017

June 2017: Fine art and concept photography campaign and proclamation of Men’s Mental Health Day.


Your Stories

Oct 2016: Featured 22 stories of recovery and practical tips from real men.


Men’s Health Week 2016

June 2016: Concept photography, public art exhibit, and proclamation of Men’s Mental Health Day.

better starts here


Oct 2015: Concept photography campaign consisting of 12 images by fine art and concept photographers.


Men’s Health Week 2015

June 2015: Website resource and seven recovery story videos released during Men’s Health Week.

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