"I've been hiding my depression for many years and finally decided to deal with it head-on. You guys have kickstarted my recovery."

Since launching in 2015, HeadsUpGuys has received hundreds of testimonials and expressions of thanks for the impact our resource is having on men around the world.

"HeadsUpGuys gave me more tools to work on depression.”

Age 29, US

"HeadsUpGuys has made me realize that I'm not the only one struggling with mental health issues."

Age 38, Canada

"HeadsUpGuys has made me realize I need to talk and reach out."

Age 21, UK

"My Self Check score indicated that maybe it's time to stop lying to myself and pretending I'm ok... I'm going to reach out.”

Age 31, Australia

"I’m a proud man and don’t like to talk about things, but talking and sharing is the first step in defeating this illness. Which is where HeadsUpGuys helped me, so thank you."

Age 28, UK

"This place has helped me understand that being tough is reaching out for help.”

Age 38, Canada

“As a man, mental health is not easy to talk about. It's amazing to know I'm not alone."

Age 21, Canada

“I found this website during a very dark period of my life, and it gave me so much hope. All the resources before this were really general but HeadsUpGuys helped me feel more connected."

Age 27, Canada

“HeadsUpGuys has helped me to understand that it’s not only me, and that it’s okay to feel like this... that “being a man” doesn’t mean you have to deal with it alone."

Age 28, Japan

“HeadsUpGuys showed me that I need to get help.”

Age 41, Canada

“It helped me to feel less of a stigma associated with my own depression. It is comforting to know there is a site with resources dedicated to men and depression.”

Age 55, US

“Visiting HeadsUpGuys was extremely awakening as I was having trouble figuring out things that I didn't understand. I have realized so much and continue to try to work on things so much differently then I did before.”

Age 40, Canada

"When my depression was at its worst, I could not imagine that there were other guys like me. This is a great resource for guys to let them know that they are not alone in this."

Age 20, US

“It has given me a better understanding that though I sometimes feel alone, I am not and that others have similar problems. If I need information on a mental health issue HEADSUPGUYS is there.”

Age 55, Canada

“I was very reassured the first time I found this site. I was very alone and scared, and couldn't relate to a lot of resources that felt too general for me. This site felt like it spoke to me more personally. Thanks a lot for your great website.”

Age 27, Canada

"HeadsUpGuys made me feel that I wasn't on my own, and helped me understand actions I can take to help my wellbeing."

Age 47, UK

"I have gained courage to open up to my friends and family about my depression and suicidal thoughts."

Age 25, Poland

“I'm just realizing I've been fighting depression for most of my life and didn't even know it, now I can take the steps needed to be better and things like HeadsUpGuys help when I have questions.”

Age 35, Canada

"The sections on how to reach out to a friend helped me in my step to reaching out."

Age 20, UK

"The world is in need of places like this online... Knowing you're not alone helps. I hope this place has a positive influence on other people, like it has had on me."

Age 24, US

"HeadsUpGuys gave me a sense of having taken an important step toward improving my mental health."

Age 46, Canada

From friends and family members

"As a man, I feel HeadsUpGuys has given me a resource to share with colleagues and friends to support men with mental health issues."

Age 35, UK

"I have passed on the site as a resource to many friends and coworkers as it is a good site with clear information. As well as the self check on site which is a great tool."

Age 41, Canada

"I feel like I have an idea of how to address certain situations with my boyfriend whom is struggling with suicidal thoughts."

Woman, 20, US

"I lost a roommate from suicide a year and some months ago... After visiting HeadsUpGuys, I realized that depression is a huge problem and I improved my perception, not just not to judge but also to reach out and how to do that.”

Age 21, Malawi

“HeadsUpGuys helped me understand my boyfriend.”

Woman, 18, US

“I work as a counsellor in Mental Health and Addictions and I am always recommending your website to clients. I feel the work you do is very important and will help many men. Thank you.”

Woman, 54, Canada

"HeadsUpGuys gave new knowledge about men's health and this will help me with my boyfriend if he will face this situation in the future."

Woman, 20, Hungary

"A valuable resource to share with others."

Age 40, Canada

Read Brandi’s story of how she helped a stranger in need of support by recommending the HeadsUpGuys website.

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