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For men fighting depression

I’m struggling, what can I do?
Where do I get professional support?
  • Family doctors are the primary health professionals to connect with in your fight against depression. You can explain your symptoms in more detail and they can help you navigate local mental health support services. Here’s more on consulting a doctor.
  • Talking to a therapist can also be incredibly helpful. See our post on finding a therapist near you or connecting to one online. It’s probably one of the best things you can do for yourself.
  • Our Mental Health Professionals page has more info on other ways you can reach out too.
  • Try using our HeadsUpGuys Therapist Directory to connect with a local therapist who has experience working with men:

Find a Therapist

Is there a men’s support group in my area?
  • Support groups vary widely by location and format. There are two main types of support groups and both can be offered in-person or online.
    • Professionally run groups facilitated by a healthcare professional 
    • Peer-led support groups 
  • Contact your local mental health centre to see if there are any groups they know of. Your doctor, friends, or family may also know of a group.
  • See our guide to men’s groups.
  • In general, men’s groups can be difficult to come by, so you may need to open your search up to more general mental health support groups in your area (you can always try a more general group to see if you like it).
  • Finding a therapist near you may be a more feasible option, and a great source of support.

For friends and family members

How do I help my friend who’s fighting depression?

For volunteers, collaborators, and partners

See our Get Involved page for information on how you can volunteer, share your story, help with fundraising and other ideas to support our mission. 

See our Our Partners page for more info on partnering with us.

Do you have any promotional material or information about HeadsUpGuys to share?
  • A HeadsUpGuys brochure and/or poster can be downloaded and printed from our Get Involved page.
How can my organization collaborate or partner with HeadsUpGuys?
  • HeadsUpGuys has a variety of community partners and is always open to hearing ideas about future collaborations with like-minded groups. Reach out to us at [email protected] with your idea.

For media and press

Is anyone at HeadsUpGuys available for an interview?
  • We’re happy to do interviews to help raise awareness of depression and suicide among men. Please see our About Us page for more information on our team and connect with us at [email protected].
  • For facts and figures about suicide see Stats on Suicide in Men.

How to support HeadsUpGuys

We’d be grateful to have your support in our fight against depression in men. 

See our Get Involved page for ways to help out, or visit our Donate Now page to make a financial contribution to help sustain our work

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