HeadsUpGuys’ finances are split between one part time staff member, website maintenance, campaigns, and promotional costs. We run a lean and well-oiled machine.

Donations to HeadsUpGuys are accepted online through our UBC Men’s Depression Donations page. You will receive acknowledgement of your donation and an official tax receipt by email.

All donations are greatly appreciated. Here are the ways you can support HeadsUpGuys:

  • Donate a One Time Gift
  • Donate a Monthly Gift
  • Donate in Memory and Honour
  • *Check to see if your organization supports corporate gift matching

How to Make a Donation

  1. Go to the UBC Men’s Depression Donations page.
  2. Our fund will be pre-selected, as seen below.How to Donate
  3. Follow the rest of the steps on the form to make your donation. Donations of any amount to support our efforts are appreciated.

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