Men’s Mental Health Websites

Man Therapy: Uses humour to get men thinking and talking about their mental health. “A mustache is no place to hide your emotions.” – Dr. Rich Mahogany.

Men’s Minds Matter: Dedicated to the prevention of male suicide by providing tips, information, and self-help strategies.

Men’s Line Australia: For various men’s health concerns and life events, including men’s mental health, relationship advice, being a dad, and information about family violence. Men’s Line also provides both phone and online counselling services for Australian men.

General Mental Health Websites

Canadian Mental Health Association: Resources, advocacy, and programs working toward the prevention of mental illnesses.

Mental Health Foundation: Provides stories, publications, and information to help those who are worried about their mental health, or the mental health of their friends and family.

Mental Health UK: Provides knowledge, advice, information, support, and innovation for mental health, based on the work of various charities from around the globe.

MentalHealth.govProvides general information on mental health, self-help information, and how to get help, based on the work of various charities from around the globe.

Men’s Health Websites

Canadian Men’s Health Foundation: Offers guided health-checks, advice, and information on a variety of men’s health topics, including prostate cancer, mental health, and sexual health.

Harvard Health Publishing: Includes a collection of blogs, articles, and publications, concerning various men’s health related topics.

Men’s Health Forum: Aims to ensure all men, particularly those in disadvantaged communities, have access to the resources, treatment options, and services necessary for them to live happy, healthy lives.

The Men’s Health Research Program: A program at the University of British Columbia that researches, educates, and spreads awareness of the influence of masculinities on men’s health.

Health Initiative For Men (HIM): A resource for strengthening the health and well-being of GBQ men and gender diverse people.

Men’s Health Apps

he.Focusing on men’s health (mental, physical, emotional, social, and spiritual), “He.” is designed to help men identify the biggest areas of pain and stress in their lives. Also provides an anonymous (if desired) platform for men to connect. Available on both the App Store and Google Play Store.

Mental Health Apps

myCompass: Guides users through interactive learning activities to learn new ways to deal with thoughts, feelings and behaviours that cause you trouble

Crisis Resources


Talk Suicide Canada: (1 833 456 4566): Provides immediate 24/7 help over the phone and also text message support during limited hours. Also features blogs, articles, and information regarding crisis support, and how to get help.

United States:

988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline: Provides immediate 24/7 help over the phone, a directory for various other help-lines, and information on general lifelines and crisis support.

United Kingdom:

Samaritan (116 123): Provides immediate 24/7 help over the phone, and highlights information on how to get involved with a support group and how to deal with suicidal thoughts.

Calm (0800 58 58 58): The Campaign Against Living Miserably provides immediate 24/7 free and confidential help over the phone. They also organize campaigns that challenge male stereotypes and encourage getting support.


MensLine Australia (1300 78 99 78): Provides immediate 24/7 help over the phone, helpful men’s health guidelines and strategies, and free online counselling.

Beyond Blue (1300 22 4636): Provides immediate 24/7 help over the phone, online chat support 11 hours/day, and facilitates online chat forums hosted by community members.

Lifeline Australia (13 11 14): Provides immediate 24/7 help over the phone, online chat support 12 hours/day, and hosts free online chats 5 hours/day.

Online Therapy

Online therapy is counselling that allows folks access to talk therapy, provided by licensed professionals, without the need to leave their home. Although we recommend trying to find a therapist to speak to in person when possible (check out our Therapist Directory to find someone near you) for some, such as those who work night shifts, live in a remote area, or have physical mobility issues, virtual therapy can be very helpful.

Better Help: Provides counselling for individuals and couples. All therapists are licensed, english speaking, and based in the US. They are also all accredited and can help with trauma, depression, anxiety, relationships, grief, and more. Membership required, billed monthly. Listings include psychologists, marriage and family therapists, social workers, and licensed counsellors.

Talkspace: Provides psychiatric consultations and counselling options for individuals and couples. After a brief assessment and disclosure of your preferences, you can begin online therapy. Subscription required, billing cycle is variable. Listings include psychiatrists, licensed counsellors, relationship therapists, and more.

TherapyTribe: An international therapist directory that will connect you with a therapist that’s right for you. Therapists available in Canada, the US, and more. Listings include psychotherapists, licensed counsellors, hypnotherapists, social workers, and more.

To be listed in our HeadsUpGuys Therapist Directory, therapists are required to have completed a certain level of specialized training (varying by country) in a relevant discipline and be licensed to practice. Therapists we list have backgrounds in clinical or counselling psychology, psychotherapy, clinical or therapeutic counselling, or clinical social work. Other directories may list life or career coaches, or unregulated ‘counsellors’ without standardized training

Support Groups

Support groups are a safe place to share your honest feelings and thoughts, but they are also a place for listening to others. It is important to maintain mutual respect and inclusion to ensure a safe environment for those opening up.

MensGroupInternational men’s support groups focused on tackling various issues such as divorce/breakups, improving communication, managing emotions, motivation, work/purpose, and more.

EvrymanA community of men based in the US with drop-in support groups, retreats, and other opportunities to grow, learn, and tackle issues with other men.

Canadian Centre for Men and Families: A safe place for men of all ages (fathers, sons, etc.) to talk about their struggles and get support through emotional and practical information.


Man’s Search for MeaningA short yet powerful read, this is a memoir from psychiatrist Viktor Frankl about how he survived and overcame his experiences in Nazi concentration camps. Frankl discusses an approach to finding purpose in life – through his theory of logotherapy.

Reasons to Stay Alive: A memoir by Matt Haig sharing his experiences with depression and how he learned to manage his illness.

Boy Meets DepressionA memoir by Kevin Breel, whose Tedx Talk on his experiences with depression has just under 7 million views. His book discusses the stigma surrounding men’s mental health, and how he was able to overcome his suicidal thoughts, and accept the dark parts of himself while growing up.

Recommended Videos

If you prefer watching videos to reading articles, there are tons of great stories and resources from across the internet. We’ve compiled some of the top videos related to men’s mental health, depression, and suicide. These videos come from men all over the world and can help remind us that we aren’t alone if we are struggling with our mental health.

UBC Sigma Chi & HeadsUpGuys: 2021 Virtual Men’s Health Forum: In 2021, HeadsUpGuys partnered with UBC’s Sigma Chi fraternity to talk openly about mental health with a panel of speakers ranging from our founder, Dr. John Ogrodniczuk, to former pro athletes Din Thomas and Theo Fleury.