Self Care Toolkit

The key to managing depression is fighting it on as many fronts as possible

This section of HeadsUpGuys brings to you all of our self-help material. Think of it as your self-care toolkit.

While others will play key roles in supporting our mental health journey, without us putting in the hard work to care for ourselves, recovery simply isn’t possible. Better health starts with us making a commitment to ourselves to do everything we can to live our best life. 

Throughout the process of recovering from depression, it’s helpful to keep the following tips mind:

  • Don’t compare yourself to others or what you could do in the past
  • Treat yourself like you would treat a friend – don’t let your thoughts bully you
  • Make sure to give yourself credit for any efforts you make toward recovery

Roadmap To Recovery

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Start here. This guide maps out the recovery process, showing us where to start and directions to take.

Self Care Essentials

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This section includes strategies that help us build a strong foundation for living well.

Dealing with Stress

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Learn specific stress management skills to prevent feeling overwhelmed, keep calm, and remain in control.

Managing Negative Thinking

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Learn different strategies for how to manage negative thinking patterns.

Self-Guided Courses

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Dive deep into key topics to drive profound and lasting transformation.

For practical tips on overcoming suicidal thoughts, see our Managing Suicidal Thoughts page.

All of the tips and strategies on HeadsUpGuys are derived from evidence-based research, combined with input from doctors, therapists, and men who have fought and overcome depression.

Self care is essential to fighting depression, but it’s only one piece of the bigger recovery picture. Reaching out to others (family, friends, a doctor, and/or a mental health professional) for support – building your support team – is essential for recovering from depression and maintaining good health. In fact, it’s often a major turning point in many guys’ roads to recovery.

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