Self-Guided Courses

Mental health challenges can affect anyone - guys are no different

HeadsUpGuys’ Courses are designed to equip men with skills to:

  • Manage and regulate thoughts and emotions 
  • Navigate common life challenges 

These courses provide a deep-dive into key areas that men often struggle with, and work toward helping guys develop core life skills that help them steer around the inevitable bumps on the road of life. 

As with the rest of the content on HeadsUpGuys, courses are completely free, as we try to reach and help as many men as possible. 

“The other day, I caught myself getting pissed off and thought, what would HeadsUpGuys suggest I do? I took a few deep breaths and didn’t lose my cool. I calmly expressed my opinion, then got back to focusing on my day.”  – Micheal, 32

Courses also include interactive elements, with written sections and some quick questions to make sure you’re absorbing information as you go. 

Some courses also include a corresponding ‘Check’ or screening tool to help you track your progress before, during, and after completing a course. Opting-in to provide data for HeadsUpGuys research on men’s mental health is entirely optional.

Core Skills

Rewiring Negative Thoughts

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Mental health issues can really mess with our heads.

Cognitive restructuring is a powerful technique that can help us take control of our thoughts, emotions, and overall mindset.

This course includes interactive exercises and examples that make it easier for us to apply these techniques in our everyday life.

4-Part Course (15-20 min/part)

Mindfulness for Men

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Mindfulness is a potent skill that helps us avoid destructive or automatic habits and responses by learning to observe our thoughts, emotions, and other present-moment experiences without judging or reacting to them. 

This course includes simple daily practices, as well as step-by-step guided meditations that you can work on weekly towards becoming more emotionally resilient.

4-Part Course (15 min/part, completed over 4 weeks)

Common Life Challenges

Managing Anger and Irritability

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Anger is one of the few emotions many guys actually express, but it often done in a way that is destructive for ourselves and those around us.

This course, which includes interactive exercises, will equip you with the tools and strategies to effectively manage your anger in healthier and more constructive ways.

4-Part Course (15-30 min/part)

Upcoming Courses

Relationship Skills

  • Who’s it for: Guys wanting to improve current relationships or better prepare to establish a healthy one with a future partner.

Peer Support: Supporting a Man’s Mental Health

  • Who’s it for: Everyone! We’re hoping to have as many people as possible complete this course, so that we are each better prepared to support the men in our lives when they need it. 

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