Rich looking at camera

You are worthy of recovery.

“I stayed inside my basement for about a year. I rarely left. I went through the process of covering my windows with cardboard. I was in this darkness – emotionally, but even literally. I didn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, it just never appeared to me that this was ever going to end.”

Rich talks about:

  • The impact of his father’s health tragedy on Rich’s own health
  • Struggling with emotions and feeling alone
  • Struggling at university
  • Isolation
  • Attempting suicide
  • Reaching out
  • Building supports
  • Surrounding himself in positive environments

“I was slowly able to build myself to be able to talk about the depressive thoughts and feelings that were inside of me. I was able to get help from my friends, family, and eventually a doctor, and then a psychologist.”

“I’ve learned that now I can live a life with depression, yet still be happy. And that I’m worth that.”

– Rich, mental health advocate

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