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HeadsUpGuys’ content is derived from evidence-based research and includes both clinician and patient perspectives to ensure the accuracy and relatability of our content. 

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Our Process

  1. Before any content is published, research into current scientific findings is undertaken to make sure our writing and resources are evidence based.
  2. Once a draft is prepared, it is thoroughly reviewed for validity and accuracy by multiple members of the HeadsUpGuys team.
  3. Content is then medically reviewed and approved: 
    • By Dr. John Ogrodniczuk PhD (PhD, University of Alberta, and Postdoctoral Fellowship, University of British Columbia, 20+ years of experience as a psychotherapist and researcher in men’s mental health and male suicide).  
    • Consulting other experts in relevant fields.
  4. Any necessary revisions are then made.
  5. Scientific or medical claims always include citations to other medically approved resources or peer-reviewed publishings. When applicable, a list of numbered references is included at the bottom of the page. 

Team Members

John with UBC shirt

Dr. John Ogrodniczuk – HeadsUpGuys Founder 

PhD, University of Alberta, and Postdoctoral Fellowship, University of British Columbia

  • 20+ years of experience as a psychotherapist and researcher in men’s mental health and male suicide
  • Over 250 scientific publications

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Portrait of Josh

Josh Beharry – Project Manager 

B.Sc. majoring in Computer Science, UBC

Since recovering from experiences with depression and attempted suicide in 2010, Josh has become a passionate advocate for mental health, volunteering and working in the area of mental health advocacy since 2012. Josh has been with HeadsUpGuys since 2014.

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Chloe Sernasie – Directory Coordinator

B.A. majoring in Psychology, UBC

Chloe completed her bachelor’s degree in Psychology at The University of British Columbia, where she became involved in research related to mental health. Since graduating, Chloe has continued advocating for mental wellness through her work at HeadsUpGuys and as a mental health support worker with the Canadian Mental Health Association.

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Quinn Storey – Contributing Writer

Student, B.A. majoring in Psychology, UBC

Quinn has always taken a keen interest in mental health and the factors that affect it. Since beginning his studies at UBC, this interest has developed into an examination of how our daily behaviours promote or undermine our general well-being.

Quinn supports the ideals of HeadsUpGuys and hopes to help those in need of assistance with his contributions to the team.

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Joel Robison

Joel Robison – Social Media Coordinator and Graphic Designer

Conceptual Artist, Photographer, and Social Media Specialist

Joel Robison is a Canadian photographer and mental health advocate. He has worked with international brands as well as non-profit organizations, creating work that is both thoughtful and imaginative. His close personal connections to men’s mental health and suicide have motivated him to take on a more active role in ending the stigma around the conversation about mental health.

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