WSPD 2020 Video

“Suicide Is Preventable. You Have A Purpose. You Are Unsinkable.”

As this year’s theme for World Suicide Prevention Day (WSPD) is working together to prevent suicide, we’ve teamed up with Unsinkable to raise awareness and provide resources around this important cause. 

Untreated depression is the biggest cause for suicide and many men hesitate to reach out for support. This is one of the reason why when it comes to suicide, men account for three times the number of deaths as women [1]. Guys, we need to do better, we need to support our friends and allow ourselves to reach out. 

Our video highlights the moments that people who have thought about suicide, never dreamed of reaching when they were at their lowest. But their stories are true and provide proof that you can’t listen to suicidal thoughts – though you may not feel it, there is hope and you can get better too. 

For anyone having suicidal thoughts:

Having thoughts of suicide or wanting to end your life can be very scary, and it can be mentally exhausting trying to battle these thoughts. 

Issues with mental health can bring us to really dark places, where suicide may seem like the only way to end your pain – but this is a lie. The best way to end your pain is through recovery. 

Many people who have thought of or even attempted suicide have been able to recover. It may not feel like it now, but you can get through this and you will thank yourself everyday in the future when you do. 

It’s important not to hide thoughts of wanting to escape from your pain or die, but instead to reach out and get support.

Resources on fighting suicidal thoughts:

For a friend or family member of someone who may be dealing with suicidal thoughts

The best way to support a man is to let him know that you are there for him. If a guy in your life is showing symptoms of depression, it’s time to have a conversation.

If you suspect that a guy in your life may be thinking about suicide, you need to voice your concerns. 

Resources for friends and family members:


”Depression can steal hope but it doesn’t mean it won’t come back. You have joys to live and a story to continue.”


  1. Preventing suicide: A global imperative (WHO) 

About Unsinkable:

Unsinkable is a not for profit organization founded by four-time Olympian, Silken Laumann. Our mission is to connect and empower people to achieve better mental, physical and spiritual health. Whether celebrity, neighbour, youth or health expert; our stories hold wisdom and power. We are creating a connected community to empower everyone on their journey to greatness. Together, we are Unsinkable.

A special thanks to the men who joined in to share their messages and ours (in order of appearance):