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"Know the signs and what to look for if you’re concerned about a guy."

Not all guys dealing with depression are going to have suicidal thoughts, but it does put them at higher risk for it. If you believe someone is at immediate risk of suicide, call 911 – when someone’s life is at stake, you can’t afford to take a chance.

Here are some signs to look for:

1. Talking about suicide or death

Any reference to suicide or death should be taken very seriously. Whether he says things like “I wish I was dead,” or seems preoccupied with death and wanting to escape from life, there may be reason for concern.

2. Feelings of hopelessness or worthlessness

Expressions of having no hope for the future, feeling trapped, or self-loathing may be indicators of suicidal thinking. A guy might say something like “there’s nothing left for me” or “what’s the point?”.

3. Putting affairs in order

This could manifest as giving away possessions, saying goodbye to friends and family, or putting personal and business affairs in order.

4. Isolating from others

If a guy has isolated himself from others (which is unusual for him), he may be at risk of thinking about suicide.

5. Seeking out lethal means

If you notice a guy you’re concerned about seeking out access to guns, pills, knives, ropes, or other things that could potentially be used in a suicide attempt, you need to voice your concerns. If a man already has these objects around him, discuss if you can temporarily move them elsewhere while he’s fighting depression.

If you’ve noticed these signs learn how to start a conversation about suicide and provide ongoing support.

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