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Your mind and your body work as one.

A lot of guys spend time working on their physical health, but not many spend an equal amount of time working on their psychological health.

Psychological health includes the way you manage stress, emotions, thoughts, and behaviours. A guy with good psychological health will not only have greater resilience and capacity to overcome challenges, but also be in a better position to maintain good physical health.

Here are four reasons why your psychological health should be a top priority.

1. Stress management

When stressed, you’re more likely to be tense, irritable, or angry, which seriously compromises your quality of life.

Being psychologically healthy allows you to think more clearly and feel less overwhelmed, so you can make good decisions – even in stressful times.

Managing stress is key to many aspects of life, including:

  •      Maintaining good relationships
  •      Coping with change
  •      Performing at work
  •      Maintaining financial stability
  •      Sleeping well
  •      Maintaining a sense of humour

Tips for managing stress

2. Staying motivated

When your mental health is suffering, it can be hard to stay motivated, no matter how simple the task at hand is.

Being motivated not only drives us toward important life goals and ambitions, but also helps us to develop and keep in place healthy and adaptive routines.

Being psychologically healthy allows u to muster the motivation needed to:

  •      Get going every day
  •      Stay physically active
  •      Stick to a healthy diet
  •      Set and pursue your goals

3. Forming healthy relationships

When not feeling psychologically well, many guys react by isolating themselves – but this is often the worst thing they can do.

Your psychological health impacts your ability to form and maintain trusting relationships (with friends, family, or a partner).  When times get tough, having close friends you can share and talk honestly with can be a huge support to your health and pursuit of other goals.

Tips for social life and relationships

4. Living a longer and happier life (being the best you)

No matter the state of your physical health, if you’re not psychologically healthy, you’re not going to be able to enjoy life – something we all desire and deserve.

With a clearer mind, your emotions are on a more even keel, making it easier to make good life choices and meaningful contributions to your family, friends, or community.

Being able to stay physically active and less stressed will also reduce the risk of future health issues, giving yourself the opportunity to live longer and pursue your life goals.

It’s never too early or too late to start working on your psychological health.