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    Boundaries decrease intimacy and excitement in a relationship.


    If you wanted to establish a boundary around finances. Would the following effectively communicate that... 'Please spend less on clothes.'


    What about 'If you want to use our joint account for clothes, can we have discussion this evening about setting a monthly budget for each of us.'


    Explaining that a boundary isn’t personal and reminding your partner you love them, is a good example of:

    Offering reassuranceIgnoring your partnerBeing assertive

    Which of the following is NOT a good way to respect your partner's boundaries?

    Being empatheticCommunicating your concernsAvoiding pressuringSaying one thing and doing another

    Imagine your partner brings up the fact that you usually pick up the bill when you go out to eat, but they are uncomfortable with this and don’t feel it is fair. What would be a good reaction or way to deal with this?

    I’m the man, that's what we do.It’s no big deal.Thanks for letting me know, what can we do instead?Sure, you can pay from now on.


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