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These workbench exercises will help you to slow down and more fully examine the way you communicate boundaries with your partner. Learning about relationships is one thing, but here is where the real work begins.

Communicating Boundaries

Step 1
Looking at the common boundaries below for inspiration, write a list of areas that you would like to have more boundaries around.
  • Personal space
  • Communication
  • Emotional Boundaries
  • Time and priorities
  • Physical boundaries
  • Sexual boundaries
  • Tech boundaries
  • Financial boundaries
  • Social boundaries:
Step 2
Select the boundary in the list above that sticks out the most to you. Just like in the example about Avery and Taylor, brainstorm how you would communicate the boundary using our five steps to boundary setting.
1. Be Clear
2. Be Specific
3. Offer Reassurance
4. Be Willing to Compromise (Wisely)
5. Re Reflective

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