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"To help show support and participate in World Mental Health Day, October 10th, please share our resource or the story that resonates the most with you."

Throughout October, we will be sharing stories and tips from men who have fought and recovered from the worst of their depression, to inspire other guys to reach out for support and start their own journeys to recovery.

This campaign brings our collection to over 80 stories from real guys, offering practical tips on what helped them get better. Stories are powerful tools to understand another person’s experiences with depression, and encourage each other to get support when we need it.

Depression isn’t something to feel ashamed of, it’s a health issue like cancer or diabetes, treatments and recovery are possible.

Adam holding plant

Adam's Story

“I highly recommend therapy to everyone, even if you ‘don’t have a problem’.”

Adam shares how self love, therapy, meditation, and finding ways to refocus his energy helped him to overcome depression.

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Portrait of Hussain

Hussain's Story

“Fitness played a huge role in destroying my depression.”

Hussan, a poet, author, and mental health campaigner from Ilford, Essex, shares how fitness helped him to fight depression.

Portrait of Joe

Joe's Story

“Your mental health is nothing to be ashamed of.”

Joe shares how his experience of accepting his sexuality as a gay man was a major turning point in his recovery from depression.

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Portrait of Jed in black and white

Jed's Story

“You’re not weak to seek help. There’s too much going on in our world to take it on alone.”

Jed, an engineer working in the technology space, shares his story of fighting depression and how crucial his support system was.

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Kris overlooking shoreline

Kris' Story

“The more I opened up, the more I found that so many others also struggle.”

Kris shares how yoga, photography, hiking and a deep connection to nature helped him in his battle against depression.

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Lee hiking

Lee's Story

“Depression and anxiety in males is real. The ‘suck it up and move on’ strategy does not work.”

Through this physical I learned my testosterone levels were at ultra-low levels. 

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Nicolas with camera

Nicolas' Story

“My art uplifted me from these difficult times.”

Suffering from repetitive episodes of sleep paralysis, Nicolas channeled his dreams into art, helping him fight depression.

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Russell sitting outside

Russell's Story

“This might be the most crucial thing for me – accepting that things happened, but I could finally acknowledge that they did, and grow from them.”

Russell shares how acknowledging and accepting his past, helped him to grow beyond them and move forward in his fight against depression.

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Steven sitting indoors

Steven's Story

“There’s no shame in admitting that you’re struggling.”

Steven shares how he stopped judging himself and how therapy, building a support system, and medication helped him overcome depression.

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Black and white portrait of Pratik

Pratik's Story

“Patience with yourself will preserve your energy to recovery.”

Pratik shares how paying attention to his mood and getting his health on track through changing his diet helped him recover from depression.

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