Intro to Anger: Workbench Exercise

A quick debrief on your anger

This is the first Workbench Exercise of our Managing Anger Course. This space is meant for you to reflect and write out your thoughts, which you can optionally save to your device or print. Note that nothing you write below gets saved by our site.

These workbench exercises will help you to slow down and more fully examine your anger. Learning about anger is one thing, but here is where the real work begins.

Part 1. Intro to Anger: Workbench Exercise

Take a few moments to reflect on the thoughts or beliefs that might be underlying your own anger.
Here’s a recap of the myths we just went over:
  • It’s always better to vent my anger
  • Ignoring my anger will make it go away
  • Men are naturally angry, that’s just the way it is
  • Showing my anger is a sign of strength
  • Showing my anger earns me respect and authority
  • Showing anger protects me and stops people from taking advantage of me
  • I don’t need to let go of grudges
  • If someone makes me angry, it’s their fault
  • …or other myths about anger?
Looking over the list above, which myths do you tend to lean on to justify your anger?

Your Workbench Exercise notes will be helpful as we move through the course, and can also serve as something to reflect back on in the future.

PS: We’ll be doing more Workbench Exercises throughout the course, so it may be helpful to save all your notes in one place (like a note app on your phone, or one place for your printed copies).