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“Depression is different than normal sadness in how intense it can feel and how long it lasts.”

Depression is not exactly the same for each person, but there are some telltale signs.  You might be affected by depression if you are:

1. Experiencing:

  • Depressed mood or irritability,
  • Decreased interest or pleasure,
  • Thoughts of suicide,
  • Changes in sleep (or any of these other symptoms);

2. Having a hard time keeping up with daily tasks; and

3. Struggling with these symptoms for more than a couple weeks;

If you’re concerned about possibly being affected by depression, it’s a good idea to take our Self Check (a depression screening tool).  If you find a lot of the symptoms sounding familiar, it’s time to reach out and make an appointment to consult a doctor. You can discuss the symptoms you’re experiencing (bring a print-out of your Self-check results), the impact they’re having on your life, and how best to manage whatever you’re going through.

Note that the more symptoms you have, the stronger they are, and the longer they’ve lasted – the more likely it is that you’re dealing with depression, and the more important it is you reach out and make an appointment now.

It can’t be overstated how important it is to act early and decisively. You know you best.

If you’re not feeling well, don’t ignore it.

Ignoring things or hoping things will somehow get better on their own simply doesn’t work. Being proactive will save you a lot of pain and misery in the future.  And if you have delayed things already, just know that it’s never too late to connect with professional help – it may mean that you might have a little more work ahead to get better, but getting better is still possible.

We get that talking to a doctor can be stressful, but it’s an important step in taking ownership of your health.

If making an appointment means missing a couple hours of work or school, then that’s what it takes. You wouldn’t try to battle cancer on your own without consulting a doctor and a few specialists – treat depression the same way.

You can also look for and reach out to a qualified therapist near you, using our HeadsUpGuys Therapist Directory.

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