Screenshot from WSPD video 2016

Many guys, including men who have tried to end their lives, have recovered from depression and suicidal thoughts.

Every year over 800,000 lives are lost to suicide. Men account for three times the number of these deaths as women.*

Refract is a public art piece that was exhibited during Men’s Health Week 2016 (June 13th-14th) outside the Vancouver Art Gallery. It challenges the too-simple definitions of manliness that prevent many men from reaching out for help with depression.

We hope to point men to our resource at to help them fight depression and prevent as many future losses of life to suicide as possible.

Quotes written on the mannequins are taken from and inspired by research conducted by the Movember-funded Men’s Depression and Suicide Network at the University of British Columbia, and recovery story videos from HeadsUpGuys.

Learn more about World Suicide Prevention Day.

* Stats taken from World Health Organization, Preventing Suicide Report, 2014.

(Video by Velour Productions)