Montage of images for campaign

Following up our #BetterStartsHere campaign this past fall, HeadsUpGuys is connecting with some amazing photographers to raise awareness of depression in men during this year’s #MensHealthWeek (June 13-19th, the week preceding Father’s Day). A special thanks to the photographers who contributed to this campaign.

Artist Submissions


Tommy Ingberg



To acknowledge and allow your feelings. To deal with hard questions instead of avoiding them. To look inwards trying to understand how you work. To ask for help if you can’t do it alone. These things do not make you weak – To know and understand yourself is the greatest strength you can ever have.”

Tommy Ingberg, visual artist, Nyköping/Stockholm, Sweden facebookinsta twitter

Nicolas Bruno


This image was gifted to HeadsUpGuys by Nicolas for the campaign. To us it symbolizes the sometimes exhausting and ongoing search of what it means to be a man.

Nicolas Bruno, fine art photographer, Northport, New York, U.S.A. facebook FlickrHeadsUpGuys Instagram

William Patino

Willam Patino - HeadsUpGuys

One thing I’ve learnt over the years is that depression thrives on secrecy. Although it can be terrifying, finding the strength to reach out to someone close can really go a long way on the road to recovery. It’s not a sign of weakness to admit that you’re struggling or finding life hard, we’re all in this together. The simple act of raising my hand and admitting I needed some help really turned things around for me and I was surprised how supportive everyone was. This image represents breaking down the barriers and not being ashamed to call for some help.” 

William Patino, professional landscape and travel photographer based out of Wollongong, Australia   facebookHeadsUpGuys InstagramGoogle Plus twitter

Adam Hague


Sextuple Recovery
“This image is a ‘sequel’ or ending to a previous image/work. (called Sextuple Theory)
I’m calling it sextuple recovery because it symbolises my feeling regarding recovery. The hands and the poses symbolises how society and people sometimes put a pressure on us to be ‘okay’. To have that ‘i am fine’ facade. The motion in the water symbolises struggle, emotions and numerous elements (e.g. the waves =  calm, chaos, unknown depth, drowning, unpredictability, strength). All this while having the character sat in a pose which is a bit more confident than the original ‘Sextuple Theory’, and symbolising the need to breathe and keeping calm.”

Adam Hague, conceptual self portrait artist and photographer based out of Brunei and the UK  facebookHeadsUpGuys InstagramFlickr

Rob Woodcox


“Quiet and measured, I hold back a cry, what is this chaos I’ve nurtured inside? Suffocation and swallowed pride leave marks where my heart used to lie. Though ebony ink has swelled in my soul, its poison cannot consume me whole. A pitter-patter, a gentle hum, one with nature I become.”

– Rob Woodcox, surreal portrait and fine art photographer based out of Portland, Oregon  facebookHeadsUpGuys Instagram twitter Flickr


Joel Robison


This image was created by Joel for our campaign. To us it symbolizes the struggle of growing older and drifting away from the sense of fun and adventure we had as boys. Depression can further this divide, as memories and dreams past are clouded by the pain of depression.

– Joel Robison, conceptual photographer based out of British Columbia, Canada facebookinsta twitter Flickr