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Lean on each other and put in the extra effort to stay connected.

The current coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused a lot of stress and disruption in our lives. In a very short amount of time, our daily routines have drastically changed.

The steps we are taking to help prevent and slow the spread of COVID-19 may be seemingly straightforward (washing hands, staying home as much as possible, and keeping our physical distance when we go out), but their practical impacts are huge and living this way will take some adjusting to. 

Maintaining our mental health during this time is going to require extra effort, but we can and will get through this together. 

Here at HeadsUpGuys, we’re adding new content to help navigate these strange times. 

COVID-19 Articles

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Getting Mental Health Support During COVID-19

Don’t think you’re invincible. COVID-19 has led to a rise in depression, stress, and anxiety. Here’s are some ways to get support.

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Helping a friend deal with the stress of COVID-19

With all the added stress of COVID-19, it’s important to check-in on the mental health of those we care about.

Dealing with job loss or reduced hours due to COVID-19

Losing your job or getting hours cut back is tough. Dealing with this while managing the extra stress and uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 is even tougher.

Social Media’s Role in Highlighting Inspiring Stories During COVID-19

Finding the positives in a bad situation. When used to raise awareness and spread hope, social media can bring us together.

Managing your mental health when working from home

Here are some tips to help maintain your mental health while working from home (our staff at HeadsUpGuys are following these too).

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Tips for Managing Stress About COVID-19

There’s a lot of uncertainty and stress about the current coronavirus (COVID-19). It’s easy to get caught up with fear and panic, but that can be mitigated

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Get the facts

Make sure you are getting updates and following guidelines from official and credible sources, like the following:

If you need support now

We are in unprecedented times, and all this has added a new major stressor to our lives. If you are feeling overwhelmed, it is crucial to reach out. Talk to friends and family members, and make use of the health/crisis lines