Tracking Our Anger

We can learn about our anger by tracking when it arises

I hadn’t realized how much I was still struggling with my anger until I started checking it with the anger scale more regularly – the scores were actually higher than I thought they would be. Looking back at the past couple weeks, I could see some warning signs I missed. ” – Jason, 52

Tracking our progress and knowing when to seek professional support is essential for keeping tabs on our anger and making sure we manage it adaptively. 

Tracking our progress can also help us see how much we’ve improved, and when it’s time to reach out for professional guidance. 

This course provides two tools we can use to help keep track of our anger:

1. Anger Check

Accessed from our Self-Guided Courses landing page.

  • Regularly taking the Anger Check can be helpful to check in with how you’re dealing with things.  It can be helpful to add a reminder in your phone to take the Anger Check at the start of each week or month.

2. Anger Tracking Log

Introduced in Part 3. Handling Anger in the Heat of the Moment’s Workbench Exercise.

  • The more often you use the Anger Tracking Log, the more useful it can become, as you may start to see trends in your anger over time, and be more able to hone in on which strategies help the most.