Our Anger: Workbench Exercise

A quick debrief on your anger

You can write notes in the sheet below and save or print them for future reference. Any text entered is completely anonymous, for your privacy we don’t save anything you enter below. 


Let’s take a few moments to reflect on the situations and emotions that give rise to your anger.
What situations seem to trigger your anger? Eg. Waiting for a late bus, a noisy next-door neighbour, etc.
What emotions (other than anger) do you notice in these situations? Eg. Shame, powerlessness, feeling disrespected, etc.

Once you’ve taken a few minutes to think about triggers and factors that influence your anger, let’s move ahead.

Our thought patterns (i.e., how we think) can also feed into our anger and set it off. Let’s go through some of the most common thought patterns that guys often struggle with.

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