"Through weekly counselling and surrounding myself with those who were open and honest about their own struggles, I discovered the pieces to my puzzle,..."

About Dario Joseph Verrelli:

I’m the founder of the digital marketing agency, Octopus & Son Social Media Inc. and most notably, the co-founder of Work Nicer Coworking. I’m also in the midst of launching a SaaS platform called Socialveil that visualizes social media scheduling.

Above all of that, I’m a Father to a pretty awesome little dude named Félix whom I affectionately call, ‘The Fatness’.

Dario’s Story


In December of 2017, my wife and I separated. Work Nicer was in the middle of opening a new location, Octopus & Son was swamped, and I was losing control.

I just kept upping the threshold and ignored all the signs that I was falling apart until, my good friend and business partner Alex Putici pulled me aside and offered me the respite I needed.

It wasn’t until I sat at home alone with no work to keep my mind busy, that I fell apart. It took 2 months of rock bottom before I began rediscovering myself through small routines like Tim Ferriss’ 5-minute journal, going to counselling every week, working out at home, and eating simple, healthy meals that I started to truly turn around.

The amazing thing, is that the ability to become a better version of myself was at my disposal. People could and did help, but I had to walk through the door.


  • Through weekly counselling and surrounding myself with those who were open and honest about their own struggles, I discovered pieces to my puzzle, such as external locus of control and limiting beliefs. With this direction, I started really leaning into the discomfort of being honest with myself and how my feelings affected my anxiety and life.
  • On top of this, I also began writing out my values, how I wanted to live my life, and the boundaries I would hold to those I allowed into mine and my son’s life.


It can difficult to find a direction to focus on. With so many opinions, ideas, books etc.. it can feel like the compass is just spinning.

So, if I may humbly offer, look into limiting beliefs and start there. I say this because it starts with us, with you and your story. Your successes and failures are what brought you here now and you may have picked up some shitty puzzle pieces along the way.

Going through them allows you to be honest with yourself.

If this is too heavy right now, straight up, try Tim Ferris’s 5 minute (gratitude) journal. It’s not easy to ‘just write’ and many of us don’t have the time, but with Tim’s simple outline, you start to see what you’re grateful for and what makes you happy.

– Dario Joseph Verrelli, founder of Octopus & Son Social Media Inc and Work Nicer Coworking, based out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

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