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“It takes strength to fight depression, but you are stronger than you think.”

For World Mental Health Day, Oct 10th, 2018, we’re sharing stories each day of the week from men who have fought depression. This campaign brings our collection to over 35 stories from real guys, offering practical tips on what helped them get better.  

Jake in cap

Jake’s Story:

“Vulnerability is strength. It takes guts to say ‘today is not a good day’.”

I had a falling out with my family and my girlfriend, at the time, couldn’t cope with the wreck I was. I spent a few months by myself, working…

Gabe walking with backpack

Gabe’s Story:

“What got me through the tunnel of my darkest times was establishing a clearer sense of purpose…”

I don’t think the battle with depression is ever over, I’m always, always continuing to mitigate my reactivity to my triggers…

Dario walking on street with coffee

Dario’s Story:

“Through weekly counselling and surrounding myself with those who were open and honest about their own struggles, I discovered the pieces to my puzzle…”

In December of 2017, my wife and I separated. Work Nicer was in the middle of opening a new location, Octopus & Son was swamped, and I was losing control…

Andrew golfing

Andrew's Story

“The most strength comes from an honest and non-judgmental look in the mirror, and doing what is necessary. If you need help, get it.”

The major turning point in my recovery from depression was being hospitalized in 2011, after my third attempt to take my life. This forced me to…

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Isaac kayaking

Isaac's Story

“There is always hope in the path to recovery. Don’t give up on yourself, because I haven’t given up on you.”

My family. Without the support of my family I would have been totally and utterly lost. A few years back when I was at my lowest of lows…

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