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"Men account for 75% of deaths by suicide." - World Health Organization

This year’s theme is “Creating Hope Through Action” and how small acts can make a big difference in someone’s darkest hour. You can be a key player in the prevention of suicide.

Our New ‘HeadsUpGuys Guide to Preventing Suicide’

In support of WSPD 2021, we have a created a new guide that brings together all our information and actionable tips on fighting suicidal thoughts and preventing suicide.

Key posts from our guide for everyone:

For more articles specific to helping manage suicidal thoughts, or helping to support a friend or family member, please see our new guide.

"Messages of Hope"

  • Our champions are inspirational individuals that are leading efforts to combat depression in men. Their voices and reach allow HeadsUpGuys to connect with men and their supporters in different communities all over the world. Learn more about Our Champions.
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Take it 10 minutes at a time

“Whenever you are having a dark moment, you have to dig deep to find anything positive to keep you going, even for just 10 minutes. Keep allowing those 10 minutes to add up while you connect with your support group.

10 minutes may not seem like a long time, but it can be long enough to keep you from making a split second irreversible decision.”

– Din Thomas, retired mixed martial arts fighter, now trainer and mentor to current MMA fighters, and HeadsUpGuys Champion

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Lean on each other for strength

“In so many of the conversations I’ve had with friends and family members, we’ve shared similar feelings of hopelessness and fears of not being able to find our way through.

This showed me that these feelings are common and something that can impact everyone. It made me less afraid to talk with people I care about, because I knew they would understand and not judge me for things that I was thinking or feeling about my own worries, stress, depression or negative thinking.

Being able to reach out to others and help to clear that thinking from each other’s minds has been really helpful for my own mental health and battling feelings of hopelessness, especially during the pandemic. Having these honest conversations has helped to change the path of my own thinking, so I don’t go further down into my own negative thoughts.

You can get through these feelings as well, it takes some honesty and some trust in others but it can be an empowering and healthy way to build more supportive friendships and help each other through difficult times.”

– Joel Robison, award winning conceptual photographer and HeadsUpGuys Champion

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Listen to those who've have been there

“Throughout all my discussion with friends it’s become painfully clear that we all struggle, just on different levels.

Having suicidal thoughts does not mean you want to die, from everything I understand about it – it means you want to be free of pain, and that’s the only thing your mind can make sense of at that time.

Instead of thinking we have anxiety and/or depression, I like to think that we are simply going through it like the weather. It’s a storm that will pass, and it’s a daily practice that starts with talking about it, identifying an underlying issue, and taking measures to counter it.
It’s the hardest thing to think positively during such a dark time, but I highly encourage anyone in that state to listen to stories of those who attempted suicide, regretted it, and overcame it. These people are so empowering as they can speak from experience, and they know just how much people need to hear what they have to say.

You absolutely can get better, and you’re definitely not alone. There’s light at the end of the tunnel and it’s on us to continue to believe, reach out for help, and put in the work daily to restore our mental health.”

– Pavel Barber, hockey instructor, stickhandling specialist, youtuber, and social media influencer, and HeadsUpGuys Champion

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