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Acknowledging the problem

In order to fight depression and get back to feeling like yourself, you have to acknowledge that something needs to change. Ignoring depression won’t make it go away.

The first step in recovering from depression is recognizing there’s a problem and acknowledging that it is affecting your life.

In order to do this, it helps to understand a few things:

1. Depression is real

Depression is a real medical condition like diabetes or other illnesses. Know the symptoms and know that there are treatments that can help.

2. Depression doesn’t mean you are weak

Don’t blame yourself for having depression – it can affect anyone at anytime in his life. Is someone who develops prostate cancer weaker than someone who doesn’t? Of course not, and depression is no different.

3. Acknowledging that you’re depressed doesn’t mean admitting defeat

“I am depressed” does not mean “I give up”. It means I understand what I’m battling, and I’m going to regain control over my life and happiness.