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“Hope is on the way and we will get through this together.”

The fight against COVID-19 continues to be a long, stressful, and arduous journey. 

We’ve never experienced a pandemic that has caused so much disruption to our daily lives, and the undefinable loss of over two million lives – worldwide and counting – remains difficult to process. 

While we remain stuck mostly at home and indoors, hunkering down to prevent the spread of the virus, vaccines, so thankfully, are on the way. And as we get through winter, warmer and brighter days lay ahead. 

This year’s February Rise Up campaign is about getting through these next months by setting goals to improve ourselves and our relationships with those we care about the most.  

Having healthier relationships – and in turn stronger support networks – can improve our mental health, which in turn will make us, the people we care about, and our communities stronger.

A Harvard study lasting nearly 80 years following over 250 men found that close relationships, more than money or fame, are what keep people happy throughout their lives. [1] 

Here are some practical tips and actionable steps to help navigate and improve your mental health for different relationships and transitions in your life. 

Father, Son, Family

Reducing Family Stress Through Better Communication

Family relationships can be some of the most rewarding ones in our lives, but they can also be some of most stressful.

Man holding baby

Becoming a Dad and Maintaining Your Mental Health

Active parenting can not only increase your baby’s long-term health, but can also improve your relationship with your partner, and your own mental health.

Man sitting by window

Maintaining your Mental Health through Separation or Divorce

It’s crucial to prioritize your mental health after a separation or divorce. Practical tips to get you through tough times.

Man resting against partner

Building and Maintaining a Healthy Romantic Relationship

The support of a partner can be a key positive influence in your life and a boost to your mental health.

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  1. Harvard study, almost 80 years old, has proved that embracing community helps us live longer, and be happier