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Together, we can support the men in our lives and prevent tragic losses of life to suicide.

The Newell Family donates $100,000 to HeadsUpGuys, helping to fight depression among men.

During June and July 2018, HeadsUpGuys held a fundraising drive in partnership with local business owners and philanthropists, the Newell Family, who offered to match all donations up to $100,000.

During these two months, $23,000 was contributed by more than 65 donors from around the world (Canada, US, Australia, UK).  Encouraged by such a show of support, inspired by the many stories of how HeadsUpGuys has made a positive impact on so many lives, and dedicated to ensuring that resources are available to men and those who love them, the Newell Family has committed the full $100,000 to HeadsUpGuys.

HeadsUpGuys is immensely grateful for the support from all of our donors and the Newell Family for their significant and enduring support.  We are touched by the generosity of all our donors and emboldened to persevere in our efforts to make a positive impact on men’s health.

As a free resource that relies entirely on support from the public, HeadsUpGuys is able to continue our work with these funds, raising much needed awareness of depression in men and supporting them in their journey to recovery.

To date, HeadsUpGuys has been visited over 600,000 times and our Self-Check (depression screening tool) has been completed over 80,000 times.

More information about our impact and how to make a donation.

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