Introducing our Men's Health Week Campaign: Empowering Friends and Family to Support Men with Depression

We’re excited to launch our revamped For Friends and Family section for Men’s Health Week 2023! Men’s Health Week takes place during the week preceding Father’s Day (June 12-18, 2023).

This year, our campaign shines a spotlight on the crucial role that friends, family members, colleagues, and community members can play in a guy’s fight against depression. 

Two men smiling in front of a semi truck, one man placing has hand on the other's shoulder

The road to recovering from depression can be a challenging one to face

This is especially true when faced alone. A strong support system is vital to a man’s recovery from depression. We’ve expanded our comprehensive resources to equip friends and family members with the knowledge, tools, and strategies needed to support their loved ones on their path towards better health.

This section of the site covers a wide range of topics to empower supporters with:

Additionally, we emphasize the importance of self-care for friends and family members, recognizing that their well-being is equally important in providing sustainable support.

By addressing these critical aspects, we hope to foster a stronger support network and create an environment of understanding, empathy, and resilience for men battling depression.

Throughout the rest of June we will be sharing new content and we encourage you to take a look at this section to become a more knowledgeable and compassionate supporter.

Together, we can make a difference as we strive to build a community that stands united in the fight against depression in men.

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The pages below will guide you through the steps to become the best supporter you can be.


Men's Health Week takes place annually in mid-June, during the week preceding Father’s Day. The week is not just a campaign, but a call to action for men to take better care of their health and for communities to support men in this endeavour.

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