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    Crossing our arms during a conversation with my partner can make it seem like we’re:

    More interestedSmartBeing closed offStrong

    Which of the following is a good strategy to use to show my partner that I’m paying attention while they are talking:

    Summarize what they saidMaintain eye contactNod my headAll of the above

    Our partners usually know how we feel, so they should be able to anticipate our reactions and understand things without having to explain or talk about them.


    Our partner tells us that we spend too much time playing games online. Is this a good response (that shows we understand their concerns) “I don’t spend that much time on it. Steve plays way more than me and his partner doesn’t complain.”


    How about this response, to the same scenario from the last question: “I appreciate how spending time playing means less time for us. I was just trying to make time to do things with my friends, but I can see how that makes you feel ignored, maybe I have been going a bit overboard with it.”


    Imagine your partner brings up the fact that you usually pick up the bill when you go out to eat, but they are uncomfortable with this and don’t feel it is fair. What would be a good reaction or way to deal with this?

    I’m the man, that's what we do.It’s no big deal.Thanks for letting me know, what can we do instead?Sure, you can pay from now on.


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