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"The importance of hospital psychiatric wards cannot be stated loud enough. They are safe havens, when safety is of utmost concern."

About Mick:

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Hello, my name is Mick, and I have been a teacher, most recently high school English/Options teacher, for approximately 18 years.

I cannot say for certain whether my current teaching status will continue, given my battle with depression and the challenges that come with trying to maintain excellence in the classroom (while being beleaguered by depression, and doing the necessary coping when it all too often creeps in and becomes problematic).

I am looking at a career shift. My focus is transitioning towards using the experiences I have battled with as an expression of support. I am particularly concerned for the many young people who I have worked directly with, who fight valiantly with mental health issues and disorders, including stigma and discrimination, while doing so at a young age.


My battle has been ongoing for quite a few years now; 2015 being the year where my fight saw its opening round. The recognition that when requiring help, instead of trying to battle through it alone, telling someone who cares about the situation, becomes paramount.

Depression upsets life’s plans rather quickly. Knowing that during a bout of depression one has the medical and social acknowledgement to take the time needed to help one feel better, cannot be emphasized enough.


Seek Proper Help

  • Although being very busy places when seeking help, hospital emergency departments are necessary for the incredible services they offer.
  • The importance of hospital psychiatric wards cannot be stated loud enough. They are safe havens, when safety is of utmost concern.
  • Amazing people are on the other end for the unfortunate needing to access suicidal hotlines.
  • Once a relationship is established, trust the advice of all medical supports.
  • Get to know one’s pharmacist. The knowledge they carry regarding the science behind medications is very impressive.
  • When in search of a therapist, be aware that the first one a person finds may not be the best fit for their needs.

Physical Activity

  • Be active, when one feels they can be. One does not have to train for the Olympics to incorporate physical activity into their day’s recovery efforts. A simple walk on a sunny day works wonders for one’s moods.

The Power of the Written Word

  • Being able to express one’s thoughts in written form helps get the nasty thoughts out of one’s brain, and onto a page where it can be read, and dealt with properly. This becomes even more far-reaching when the thought is impulsive, and time to consider it is necessary.


Be an advocate for one’s health needs, as there will be others in workplaces and social circles who require the same. Encourage workplaces to be up-to-date in its medical knowledge for the needs of people who suffer with depression and other mental health issues. This acknowledgement, above anything else, will contribute to one’s workplace cultural successes, regardless of its financial cost.

– Mick Pariseau, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada Youtube logo 

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