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Join HeadsUpGuys this October 2015 for #BetterStartsHere, a month long campaign to raise awareness around men’s depression and support men’s efforts to lead healthier lives. Depression affects over 800,000 men every year in Canada, and is the second leading cause of disability worldwide.

To combat this, we are looking for men, their supporters, and artists to share what their better looks like on social media using the tag #BetterStartsHere. We will be resharing images and quotes throughout the month.

Kicking off the campaign is an image by B.C. based and award winning conceptual photographer Joel Robison. Joel’s mind-blowing photography has gathered nearly a quarter of a million fans on Facebook. He was hired by Coca Cola for the 2014 FIFA World Cup Tour to capture happiness in over 90 countries.

Joel will be creating a series of inspirational images for the campaign. The series is “centred around times and places that we start to feel better.” His works represent “that first step out the door, into the world again.”

Follow the campaign on HeadsUpGuys’ social media pages to see the rest of Joel’s images along with submissions from:

  • Robby Cavanaugh: fine art photographer based out of Portland, Oregon
  • William Patino: professional landscape and travel photographer based out of Wollongong, Australia
  • Adam Hague: conceptual self portrait artist and photographer based out of Brunei and the UK
  • Nathan Milner: fine art portrait photographer based out of Melbourne, Australia
  • Seanen Middleton: fine art and portrait photographer based out of Lake District, England
  • Rob Woodcox: surreal portrait and fine art photographer based out of Portland, Oregon.
  • Several other artists who will also be submitting works throughout October
Better Starts Here - Men's Depression Campaign

Share what your better looks like

Share photos and quotes with @HeadsUpGuys on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook using the tag #BetterStartsHere.

Here are some post ideas to get your imagination going:

  • Hanging out with friends and family #BetterStartsHere @HeadsUpGuys
  • My better means getting outside! @HeadsUpGuys #BetterStartsHere
  • Having the energy to travel and explore the world @HeadsUpGuys  #BetterStartsHere
  • My better starts when I wake up and can’t wait to get out of bed #BetterStartsHere @HeadsUpGuys
  • Going for a walk, no matter how short or how long, is always a step in the right direction #BetterStartsHere @HeadsUpGuys

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  • We are proud to have partnered with a number of amazing artist for our #BetterStartsHere campaign.

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