A photo of a crowd attending to a speaker

$141,500 Raised for HeadsUpGuys!

Sip Around the World was a fundraising event for HeadsUpGuys, spearheaded by Darius Eghdami with help from Raymond Dich, Martin McNish, Emily-Anne King, Warren Schindler, Matt Sacks, Kevin Shaw, and Kris Alexander.

The event took place on February 23rd, 2023 at The Pipe Shop in North Vancouver.

Sip Around the World was organized to raise awareness of men’s mental health and prevent suicide in men through support for our work at HeadsUpGuys.

The event featured powerful speakers, generous donors, selfless volunteers and much more.

With all fundraising now completed, the event was able to raise $141,500 for HeadsUpGuys!

It was an incredibly special night and the biggest single fundraising event that has ever been organized for HeadsUpGuys. We were incredibly blown away by the sum raised and the support we received from our community.

We want to thank everyone who was involved, including:

  • The Espiritu Foundation, the family foundation of David & Wendie Elliot, who agreed to match donations up to $25,000 before the night began.
  • Brad Newell and the Newell family for surprising us at the event and also doing a matching donation of $25,000.
  • Martin Jones, Canadian ice hockey goaltender who currently plays for the Seattle Kraken, (and was a 2014 Stanley Cup Champion) for somehow ‘calling’ us live during the Kraken game to donate $10,000.
  • Arden Ross and James Ritch (coming from Kelowna) for an amazing live painting of Robin Williams that sold for $4,000.
  • Jeremy Pue and Whitecloud Productions for donating the entire day to be with us, filming and photographing the event.
  • King of Floors, Nexus Insurance, Vine Group, Brains Bio, Filament Health, Pleasurecraft Marine Services, Alexander Holburn, Raymond Dich Real Estate, ZLC Financial, CapriCMW and Acera Insurance for sponsoring the event.
  • All the vendors who donated products at the event, donors for all the gifts, all our volunteers who donated their time, and Lucid Motors for driving people home safely.

And an extra thanks to:

  • Martin McNish for MC’ing the event, Nate Gana for teaching us about whiskey, Shea Emry, Steve Serbic and Arthur Griffiths for sharing your impactful stories.
  • Darius Eghdami for spearheading the event with help from Raymond Dich, Martin McNish, Emily-Anne King, Warren Schindler, Matt Sacks, Kevin Shaw, and Kris Alexander.

And lastly, thanks to:

  • Every single one of you who came to the event, donated, bid on auction items, played games and, most importantly, listened. Together we made a difference and will continue to do so.

Photos by Jeremy Pue and Whitecloud Productions.