Collage of concept images

"Over 14,000 website visits, 12,500 engagements, and 100,000 people reached."

For Men’s Health Week 2019, we hosted “Road to Recovery”, an international fine art and concept photography campaign showing men they are not alone the fight against depression.

Special thanks to the eleven photographers from around the world submitted images to the campaign, including: Adam Williams (Australia), Rob Woodcox (US), Maren Elize Klemp (Norway), Tommy Ingberg (Sweden), Joel Robison (Canada), Nathan Milner (Australia), Mike Alegado (Philippines), Jonathan Chapé (US), and Adam Hague (UK/Brunei), Kristina Kashtanova (Unites States)



  • Over 14,000 website visits
  • Over 12,500 engagements through social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram)
  • Over 100,000 people reached through social media and advertising


Our campaign was shared by over 20 mental health and related groups, from all over the world, through social media, including:

Thanks to the Vancouver Mayor’s Office, the Tuesday of Men’s Health Week was officially proclaimed by the City of Vancouver for the fourth year in a row as “Men’s Mental Health Awareness Day” (thanks to Jean-François Claude and The Men’s Den, for getting this intuitive going).

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