Stormy view of rocky oceanscape

"Seek help, talk about it, find what helps/hinders and seek the balance that best suits."

About Adam:

I’m an emotive landscape photographer from Sydney, Australia, currently travelling around the country with my family in a caravan for the foreseeable future.

My work is all about communicating emotion. Powerful imagery is emotional. I have lived with levels of depression and anxiety for periods of my life and much of  the emotion within my work, draws its inspiration from the highs and lows of these days.

This would be the reason why my work varies wildly from the given scene, because the landscape itself is the canvas for my artistic expression.

Adams’ Story


Seeking assistance and learning my triggers. Too much stress, work, bad food, alcohol makes things worse. Avoiding the things that make it worse and doing more of what helps. Making time for exercise, good food, fun, creative pursuits, all help level me out. Balance essentially.


1. Creativity:

  • The ability to get things off my chest without actually verbalizing them was very helpful in beginning to talk about my mental health.

2. Exercise:

  • As I write this, I remind myself I need to get back on to this point. For me jogging helps to give my mind a rest. I’m not the fittest, so whilst jogging, every part of me is focusing on the next step and breathing, I find it rather meditative. Plus the added feel good benefits of being active.

3. Not doing too much:

  • I tend to overdo things, too much work, junk food, alcohol all tend to equal some dark days, moderation of the good stuff definitely helps my mental health.


Seek help, talk about it, find what helps/hinders and seek the balance that best suits.

Image series by Adam:

Five images for my “Even the Darkest Days” series inspired by living with anxiety and depression.

I use this series for my own healing, you may notice the series begins much darker than it finishes, this reflects the fact that I am now managing my anxiety and depression much better, and a lot of that is to do with communicating my experiences via this photographic series.

It can be tough to talk about your own mental health, I found the subtle communication via my art gave me the confidence to discuss my mental health openly, which in turn has helped my healing.

In this video, I talk about the first image I produced after a taking a break from photography, an image that changed my photography direction and began a process of unexpected healing.

1. Isolation 

Out in the open, though so closed in.

All alone, whilst surrounded by millions.

Outwardly bright, so obviously blue.

2. Even the Darkest Days

My first conscious attempt to communicate the feelings of anxiety and depression in my photography.

I am scared. Scared of dying, scared of falling below expectations, scared of the unknown, scared of not being enough. I wear the mask of strength as I walk through life in the haze of anxiety and depression.

3. The Darkest Day 

An image created in the darkest depression I have experienced.

Alone, self-reflection, uncertainty, trapped, caged, hidden, worthlessness, support, and love. The Darkest Day…… Nothing but a worthless piece of rubbish, screw it up, toss it in the trash.

4. Solace

A flood of golden light, the sight of a rainbow, hoping with all my heart that the storm is finally breaking.

5. Silent Sentinels

Silent sentinels stand to attention, defending against the enemies of our past.

– Adam Williams, emotive landscape photographer, Sydney, Australia. HeadsUpGuys Instagram