"I wasn’t diagnosed with depression until I was 28. In hindsight, it’s been with me since at least as early as 16."

About Scott:

I am a 40 year old software developer and skydiving instructor. I’m married with two kids. I’ve been living with depression my entire adult life.

Scott’s Story


What was the major turning point in your recovery from depression?

I wasn’t diagnosed with depression until I was 28. In hindsight, it’s been with me since at least as early as 16. It was after my girlfriend was in a car crash that my symptoms became bad enough that I decided to seek help.

What are some things that really helped?


  • Talking about and resolving some of the immediate problems I was being overwhelmed by helped to clear my mind to see the bigger picture.


  • There’s nothing easy about asking your General Practitioner for medical help for the first time. It’s hard to admit things have gotten that bad. But for me, it was exactly what I needed to change the momentum of my mood disorder.


  • Being honest and open with yourself, your family, friends and employers is an uncomfortable transition. But it’s impossible for people to be supportive if they don’t know there’s a problem.

What advice would you give to other guys fighting depression?

Living with a mood disorder, or mental illness of any type, can feel isolating, emasculating and overwhelming. Unfortunately, the stigmas and misunderstandings that come along with mental health issues are deep in all of us. We all need to move beyond the current attitudes toward mental illness. By admitting that things aren’t ok and seeking help, you’re showing us your strength and clearing the path for others that need help.
Keep fighting, this is one you can win.

– Scott, software developer and skydiving instructor based out of BC, Canada. Hear more from Scott in his story video.

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