Collage for male celebrities on depression

Over 40,000 visits, 14,000 engagements, and 150,000 people reached

This was our first February campaign, bringing us to three annual campaigns (Feb, June, Oct).

For this campaign we highlighted 20 male celebrities who’ve spoken out about depression.

Campaign Impact:

  • Over 40,000 website visits
  • Over 14,000 engagements through social media and advertising
  • Over 150,000 people reached

Featured By Our Peers:

We are proud to have had the following mental health/related groups share our campaign through social media:

A special thanks to the 20 celebrities who used their platforms to raise awareness of depression and inspire others towards recovery.

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Free Self Guided Courses for Men: New Feature

We're excited to launch our free self-guided courses: Managing Anger and Irritability, Rewiring Negative Thoughts, and Mindfulness for Men.

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