If you would like to support HeadsUpGuys through a fundraising initiative, you can collect donations through a crowd-fundraising site like GoFundMe or Facebook Fundraisers, and/or collect donations manually in cash. 

Here are a few of the fundraisers our supporters have organized to raise awareness of depression in men and support our mission:

Image of various fundraising events for HeadsUpGuys

Please let us know if you host an event, as we are often happy to re-share photos or highlight the event through our social media, and would like to express our appreciation of your support! Please see our Get Involved page for HeadsUpGuys graphics, brochures and posters to share.

Let us know how we can best support your efforts, by contacting us at

Before transferring funds to us from a crowdfunding tool: Please contact us to confirm our contact details, you can then e-transfer or mail a cheque to us.

For Supporters in Canada Wanting Tax Receipts

In order to obtain a tax receipt, individual donations need to be made through our UBC Donation page or via phone through the UBC Development Office at 604-827-4111 or 1-877-717-4483 to “UBC HeadsUpGuys Program G1745”.


Many sites like GoFundMe allow for “offline” donations to be added to your fundraising total.

  • For example, if your friend wants to make a donation to your fundraiser but needs a tax receipt, they can donate directly through our UBC Donation page and let you know the amount. You can then go into your GoFundMe Fundraiser page and add this amount as an “offline” donation, so it shows up in your total raised.
  • You can also use ‘offline’ donations to add any cash donations you collect to your page.

For Supporters Outside of Canada

Funds can be raised following the instructions above when tax receipts are not needed.


If tax receipts are needed for non-Canadian residents, UBC has international charitable foundations for donors living in the United States, the United Kingdom and Hong Kong.


Please contact us and we’ll be happy to help sort out any details.

In Memoriam or Honour

To make a donation in honour or memoriam:

  • Contact UBC Development via phone at 604-827-4111 or 1-877-717-4483 to make a donation to “UBC HeadsUpGuys Program G1745”. Please provide a family contact and UBC will reach out to let them know of your contribution to HeadsUpGuys.

Create an In Memoriam page:

  • If you or a friend and/or family member would like to honour the memory of a loved one by directing donations to HeadsUpGuys please reach out to us at

For help coping with the loss of a life to suicide, please see our After a Suicide page for help with the grieving process.