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Aiden’s interest in mental health advocacy began at a young age when he conducted a study on social media and adolescent anxiety and depression. His passion continued into university, where he led a fundraiser that raised just under $22,000 in support of HeadsUpGuys.

Aiden strives to live a life that encourages other men to speak out, break the stigma, and continue the conversation about men’s mental health.

Posts By Aiden Simard

How to Handle Being Diagnosed with Depression and Why it Shouldn’t Define You

Published September 13, 2021

Being diagnosed with depression can impact your life but it shouldn't define who you are. Here are some tips to about being diagnosed with depression.

How to Talk about Suicide: Avoiding Phrases like ‘Commit’

Published July 19, 2021

Many of the terms we use to describe suicide appear harmless at first, but carry negative connotations that contribute to the shame surrounding suicide.

Friendship and Depression: Maintaining Friendships and How to Make New Friends

Published June 25, 2021

Maintaining social connections is key to maintaining good mental health and fighting depression. Here are some tips on maintaining and making new friends.

Ketamine and Depression

Published June 01, 2021

Ketamine has been getting more attention as a potential fast-acting treatment for severe, treatment-resistant depression and suicidal thoughts.