Our champions are an inspirational group of individuals that are leading efforts to combat depression in men. Their support allows HeadsUpGuys to connect with men and their supporters in communities throughout Canada and beyond.

Kevin Breel

Writer, comedian, and activist

“HeadsUpGuys is an important initiative that provides a platform for men to speak out about the issue of depression. There aren’t many places out there that are solely focussed on the well-being of guys and I’m happy to be part of the conversation.”

Kevin Breel is the man behind the viral TED Talk Confessions of a Depressed Comic, which has amassed over 2,000,000 views. His work has been featured by The Huffington Post, MTV, CNN, The TODAY Show on NBC, Mashable, and The Wall Street Journal. Kevin is also the author of the inspirational novel Boy Meets Depression.

Learn more about Kevin at kevinbreel.com.

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Kevin Breel

Joel Robison

Award winning conceptual photographer

“I’m supporting HeadsUpGuys because I think the more we can start conversations and make talking about mental health and depression easier for guys, it will help to both end the stigma around these issues and hopefully lead to a more compassionate society where support doesn’t feel like something we need to ask for. Resources like these are vital for everyone in our communities and I’m so proud to be a part of a movement that helps with these causes.”

Joel’s mind-blowing photography has gathered nearly a quarter of a million fans on Facebook. Joel was also hired by Coca Cola for the 2014 FIFA World Cup Tour to capture happiness in over 90 countries during a nine month period.

Learn more about Joel at joelrobison.com.

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